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Hot beef sticks and puddles of something

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4/16/09 12:27 am - There was teabagging in . . . SACramento!

"Although the numbers of teabaggers were not particularly large . . . the teabaggers, where they turned out, appeared to behaving a ball."

EDIT: apparently msnbc can't be troubled to provide a working embed link to this story. So, if you want to have a laff listening to a respectable news commentator saying "teabagged" with a straight face over and over again, go here and look for the "teabags across america" video.

"If you were not able to witness or participate in any teabagging action yourself today, and frankly, the odds are you were not, you are still in luck. We have some of the highlights for you in the next hour"

4/15/09 11:41 pm - Imagine the bitch-slap...

Thankfully not TOO many people saying "look! That there'n's God's haind, sure 's shootin'!" But SOME are!

' The scientific story behind the Chandra X-ray Observatory's image of PSR B1509-58 (or B1509 for short) is powerful enough: The image shows a pulsar - that is, a rapidly spinning neutron star - in the southern constellation Circinus. The pulsar has a magnetic field at its surface that's estimated to be 15 trillion times as strong as Earth's, and that makes B1509 one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators in the galaxy.

All that energy drives streams of electrons and ions through the nebula surrounding the star, and in the picture above, those streams are shown in blue. When the magnetically charged torrents hit knots of material in a neighboring cloud of gas known as RCW 89, the energy is released in X-ray emissions that are shown here in red.

It just so happens that the blue streams of energy look like gigantic cosmic fingers, reaching out over scores of light-years of outer space to the gas cloud. And that's how this picture, released on April 3, came to be called "the Hand of God." '

While reading about this, i also discovered that a few years earlier people also got worked up because they fpund God's eyeball, too:


4/15/09 06:07 pm - Unemployment research results:

Without a job, I've been killing vast amounts of time reading discussion groups on the internet. Yes, i know how sad this is. That being said, occasionally i discover some amazing things. Thanks, somethingawful.com!

' Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and a growing number of national security experts are calling on Congress to consider using letters of marque and reprisal, a power written into the Constitution that allows the United States to hire private citizens to keep international waters safe.

“I think if every potential pirate knew this would be the case, they would have second thoughts because they could probably be blown out of the water rather easily if those were the conditions,” Paul said.

“If we have 100 American wanna-be Rambos patrolling the seas, it’s probably a good way of getting the job done,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow and security expert Eli Lehrer. “Right now we have a Navy designed mostly to fight other navies. The weapons we have are all excellent, but they may not be the best ones to fight these kinds of pirates. The only cost under letters of marque would be some sort of bounty for the pirates.” '

Cue expected "debate" points; Ron Paul is a lunatic, and this is another example why; Ron Paul is a genius, and this is another example why; This would be very succesful, as Somali's are undisciplined chumps; tThis would be terribly unsuccessful, these pirates have been killing people since they were 6, etc. etc.

And then, a thunderclap of brilliance:

' Fox should sponsor a privateer ship and have a COPS style reality show for it. Take applicants. Cover their training. And then the action starts. Hell, the first season of the show could be a contest style show to pick the crew, and then the second season could be their adventures on the high seas. '

I would be first in line to be on this show. I know i don't have many LJ buddies, but if anybody reading this has become a TV producer when i was looking, or knows a TV producer, or knows someone who knows a TV producer, you neeeeeeeeeeed to make this happen.

Tangential interesting discoveries:

The "Bayou of Pigs" incident

and this thing:

3/22/09 04:47 pm - worth coming out of semi-retirement for...

7/8/08 01:36 pm

I don't see all that many unbelievably fucking adorable things in my day to day life, but it does occasionally happen. It did yesterday. This is what i saw.


5/5/08 11:04 pm - i guess i'm an "experimental filmmaker" now

Ever heard of Craig Baldwin? Here's a trailer for one of his films:

So he taught a "Flix Remix" class at the NW Film Center tonight that i was lucky enough to attend. He gave a quick rundown on found footage filmmaking and then turned us loose on a huge pile of old industrial/instructional/found 16mm footage, gave us a bunch of rewinders, flatbeds, and splicers, and let us go crazy. It was so rad! I can use a guillotine splicer now!

I felt pretty happy with my reel. I pulled a bunch of titles from a kids' safety film, so my piece was broken up into sections like "don't take rides from strangers," "don't walk down dark alleys alone," and "the policeman is your friend." Mr. Baldwin said i "obviously put a lot of thought into the edits," and at one point said "wow, that's art." PREEEEEN! Although i guess what i was proudest of was the fact that i was the only person who didn't splice anything in upside-down.

Now i have a 16mm reel that i'll never be able to watch. HOORAY!

4/7/08 06:41 pm


They say progeria is nature's cruelest joke, but i would have found it cruelly ironic if the internet had told me i have Asperger's.


12/25/07 01:06 pm

That's right. It's the first snow day of the year. On Christmas. Jealous much?

12/23/07 08:17 am

Yesterday Bill Plympton (you know, the animator?) came by the store. I am somewhat saddened to report that he's a little bit on the smug and pompous side. The guy came right out and said that the only reason he stopped in was too see how much of his stuff we had, and afterwards when he was rattling off the things that we DIDN'T, he referred to one of his shorts as "the OSCAR-WINNING blahdeblah." Also, he was way too normal-looking.

Still, though. Motherfuckin' Bill Plymptom. Man, that guy can draw.

12/12/07 02:42 pm - Amazing Dream #8,034,219

Fell asleep with itunes running, which eventually came aroung to Trout Mask Replica. I then begin dreaming of some PBS special on the reconstruction of NYC. According to this documentary, post 9-11 decisions were made to revamp a great deal of the city's "questionable" architecture in addition to rebuilding what was actually destroyed. I'm pretty sure these questionable sites don't actually exist. For instance, there was a Frank Lloyd Wrght house that was built on the edge of this giant cliff that towers over part of the city, and part of the building actually juts out over the edgeand hangs there suspended in mid-air. Some guy in the documentary was very upset about that.

So this documentary, for whatever reason, has Beefheart music for its soundtrack. Only after a while, the focus moves from architecture to a music studio, where this chubby bespectacled guy is sitting there listening to the music, and eventually i realize that the thing about this guy is that he's a fucking Beefheart impersonator! And that the music all along has been not actual Beefheart numbers but this guy's! I felt very contemptuous towards him, and what's especially funny is that at one point i'm listening to this song which obviously, given that it was playing on the computer at the time, WAS an actual Beefheart track, but in the dream i was all "ok, the guy's got the voice down, but listen to the composition! It's so sloppy and bad! The REAL Captain didn't just have everybody flailing away at random on their instruments!"

The best/worst part, though, was when the impersonator dude said "now i'm gonna show you how i write xxxxxxx (actual title lost to the harsh light of wakefulness)" and then he puts on this "Beefheart drag," wacky hat, elaborate scarf, scruffy topcoat, etc, and magically grows a mustache, and proceeds to belt out what in the dream was an ORIGINAL in-the-style-of-Beefheart number. Very strange.

Incidentally, the NYC rebuild didn't go how it was supposed to. Lots of the stuff that got rebuilt was found just as objectionable by the main dissatisfied NYC authority figure i guess he was the mayor or something). For instance, the Frank Lloyd Wright jutter was replaced by a recording studio that ALSO poked out over the edge, and it had a glass floor so you could see right up into it!
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