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For the last two weeks, i've been granted a temporary reprieve from my months-long hell of unemployment and daytime courtroom television programming. No offense, Judges Judy, Brown, Milion (sp?), et al. Love your shows and the parade of human detrius to which you expose me each day, but the spirit grows emaciated battened on such thin gruel. Through the gracious thoughtfulness of my roommate, I landed a gig assisting his dad, who is the head groundskeeper at Concordia University, a private Lutheran college with a campus in northeast Portland. For the most part I hunker down in planting beds all day, the sun streaming down on my fishbelly-white skin, earphones screwed firmly into my head, blasting hottt jammmms as I tear up handsful of undesirable plant life. The work was supposed to be over this Thursday, and I was dreading my return to spending most of my waking hours holed up in my room so as not to squander the monies Oregon's unemployment department has seen fit to grant me for my 31 months of dedicated video clerking.
Today, however, Mr. Roseneau made me an offer: stay on at the job, which will be reduced from the 32 hours i currently receive (while being paid for 40, and thank you kindly for that!) to 12...basically 2 6 hour shifts a week on whatever days I choose. Under normal circumstances, this would be a crushing blow, for how could I possibly support myself on 12 hours of work a week? Ah, but once again I have the generosity of Unemployment policies to thank! Since I will be earning less than 100 dollars a week from this position henceforth, I'm still entitled to the full amount of my unemployment benefit! Hip-hip huzzah!!! Maybe I can actually start paying off my asinine credit card debt!
The month of June, and 2009 in general, had treated me quite roughly thus far. Lost my job, lost my girlfriend...if I had a dog to shoot, I could have completed the country & western trifecta. Yet now, suddenly, things are starting to look up. I am thankful.

NOT THAT I'M SUCH A SOLIPSIST TO ASCRIBE THEOLOGICAL PROOF TO ONE LUCKY BREAK. Heavens no! For that, I direct your attention once more to the flickering pixels of YouTube. Bear witness to God's hand in motion:

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