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The universe and its cruel coincidences

My girlfriend just broke up with me.

Just an hour or two later, my attention was directed toward the most mind-blowingly WTF personal ad I've ever read in my entire life.

I can only at best tentatively recommend you read this. It may cause your brain to bleed.

The photos at the end...they are shall we say difficult to reconcile with the text. I mean sure, the guy's face looks sweetly vapid enough to have produced this sweaty-fisted jackoff of excruciatingly awkward humor and abject 80's pap [sic] culture worship, but that body? Maybe he got a special deal on a Melmackian Soloflex or something. 

Now that I'm single, is this what I'll be eventually reduced to, only with scrawny pics?

edit: and to top it all off, my new Tim & Eric Pumpers .gif, which is supposed to be full of fun animated-ness, is stuck and going nowhere. JUST LIKE MY LIFE HURR HURR

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