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i was on my favorite forum-full-of-assholes, and the question came up: what is the (objectively) best musical act in the world? i'm pretty sure nobody was looking for a serious answer, and how the hell do you objectively quantify such a subjective topic? Nevertheless, i went ahead and bit. Voila:

Of all the things in the world to try to quantify objectively, music seems like it's gotta be one of the most difficult. Nevertheless, here's my attempt to objectively qualify my love for my favorite band:



Performance: I've never seen a live act so unbelievably tight. These guys are totally locked in to each other. And i think function as a unit is a good objective indicator of a band's skill.

Evolution: Plenty of merely good bands can find a sound that they're good at and stick with it. Witness 40 years of The Rolling Stones cranking out Satisfaction for 40 years straight. But for a band to be the best, they have to change, grow, keep one-upping themselves. Not many bands have done this to the degree that Boredoms have. The second link is classic Boredoms style: crazy, sloppy, and often silly caveman noise. Link #1 was the pinnacle of middle-stage Boredoms: still rocking the more-or-less traditional band setup: Guitar, bass, 2 drummers, and synth/electronics. Clip #4 is what the Boredoms have become: three virtuoso drummers with band leader EyE at the center of the maelstrom, making sounds in a million different ways. Which segues nicely into...

Innovation: Again, a merely good band is content to create music within traditional frameworks, using conventional means. A best band steps outside of boundaries, finding its own way to make sounds that no one has thought of before. Among other things, Boredoms invents its own freaking instruments. Check out, for instance, the multi-necked guitar gong EyE plays in clip 4. Also, if you're at all familiar with this band, you know the shows usually start out with EyE playing a pair of theremin-esque flickering tone-generating spheres, which i certainly haven't seen anywhere else before.

Respect of peers: Lok no further than clip #3. For their 77 Boadrum project, 74 talented percussionists from the across the world's underground rock scene made the trip to NYC on 7/7/2007 to participate in Boredom's latest brainstorm: the world's coolest drum circle EVER! And only Boredoms could stage a drum circle and excise it of any whiff of douchbaggery. The experiment came off so well that on 8/8/2008 they did it again, this time with 88 drummers, and this time it happened on BOTH COASTS.

Anyways, that's just my 2 cents. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have seen this band last year, which is why they're now not just a favorite of mine, but the favorite. Finding a clip of their final song from that set while i was looking up youtube examples was a delightful surprise. I'll leave you with that: PORTLAND 3/20/08

Yeah, so it was either Boredoms or Gary Wilson. Genius band beat out genius lone weirdo.
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