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more assholes!

allow me to mention again that i'm unemployed. With the modern miracle of job-hunting-via-craigslist, i'm left with exponentially larger sums of free time than my unemployed ancestors would have even DREAMED possible! Sadly, instead of diving into my post-apocalyptic drug cult memoir-from-the-future or breaking into music stores and getting a band set up or any number of other worthwhile activities i could be pursuing with my temporal wealth, i mostly stare into the trainwreck that is the internet all day long. But every so often, i want people to stare with me!


okay, now if you have a little extra time, go to the actual youtube page, and "view all comments." Pleeeease? Cause if you do, and then you scroll down, oh i dunno, maybe 33-45% of the way down the page, shit starts to get HILARIOUS. you'll know you're in the proper zone when you see the little colored offset that denotes the video poster responding to comments. her response should read:
i'm Ukranian.
Not Paki.
And you make no sense.

there are some seriously sweet larfs in there! coljaco and Quadropheniac are modern masters of the give-back put-down, and as someone who appreciates a good dada give-back, my hat is off to these guys.

coming soon: the smooth genius of CAPTAIN FUNK
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